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Delight and Thought Provoking

For more details about my porcelain and ceramic arts, contact me via phone or email.

Rita Koenig

Figurines That Come to Life

Crafting a charming figurine takes skill and patience. At Rita König Figurines, I can create beautiful and breathtaking porcelain and ceramic art. Whether you’re looking for a classy gift for a friend or a new mantelpiece for your living room, we've got the perfect thing for you.

I also offer to create personalised figurines that are fit for any occasion. My art pieces are available to clients in Auckland, New Zealand and other areas worldwide. Order one of my creations today!


As a daughter of an opera singer, I have always believed that passion for art ran in our blood. I enjoyed creating art and experimenting with different tools and mediums. When my mother re-married, I accompanied my stepfather to work and learned more about the principles of space  and color from him.

During my time as a pastry chef, I learned more about colour combinations, shapes, and the different mix of themes, textures and material use I could use for show pieces. My experience in this field also tought me how to maintain a strict and efficient work ethic.


  • Konditorin, (Lueneburg, Germany)
  • Malen, Zeichnen & Egg Tempera Techniques (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Craft & Design, CIT (Upper Hutt, New Zealand)
  • Bachelors Ceramic Design & Production, Whanganui Polytechnic (New Zealand)
  • Bachelors Fine Arts, Whanganui Polytechnic (New Zealand)
  • Graphic Design: Postgraduate and Masters, Whanganui School of Design (New Zealand)

After my studies, I set up my own studio where I experimented with clay and paper fibres. After a time of trial and error, I created fine figurines using clay enhanced with fibres. This is what I love and continue to do today.


My mission is to create unique and beautiful figurines that bring joy to people.

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